Spray Tanning Course

What is Spray Tanning?

Spray tanning is a form of self tanning (or sunless tanning) where a fine mist is sprayed onto your body.

The main benefits of this particular tanning process are varied, the main ones of which are listed below:

  • Skin has a nice, healthy glow.
  • Can accentuate features and make clients look slimmer.
  • Quick and convenient treatment.
  • Instant result.
  • Because the tanning solution used during the process is sprayed onto the skin as a fine mist, it is easy to get a smooth, streak-free finish.
  • Evens out skin tone and hiding blemishes and imperfections, including stretch marks and varicose veins.
  • Spray tanning is a great way of getting a tan regardless of where you live and what time of the year it is.
  • The wide range of tanning solutions so there will be shade suitable for everyone.
  • The results from spray tanning is a lot less messy than the traditional lotion application, much quicker and looks better while the client is developing.

What does our training consist of?

  • Delivery of Health and safety and client care
  • Delivery of Anatomy and Physiology
  • Theory behind Spray Tanning
  • History of tanning
  • Benefits of the treatment
  • Sun tan vs Spray tan
  • Strengths of DHA
  • Products needed
  • Tools and equipment needed
  • Contra indications and Contra actions
  • Application process
  • Maintenance of equipment
  • Setting of machine
  • Cleaning of machine
  • Setting up of tent and area
  • Packing away and cleaning of tent
  • Practical demonstration and practical of Spray Tanning

Half day course

Optional Kit (contact us for more information)