Gel Polish Course

What is Gel Polish?

Gel polish, known as the semi-permanent polish, is part of the acrylic/UV gel family. Mainly composed of urethane methacrylate’s (acrylates). Gel polish cures by photoinitiated polymerisation, meaning it needs to be cured under a UV or LED lamp. There are two types of ‘gel polish’ on the market, one that is made solely of gel and hybrid polishes that are part gel and part polish. Gel polish is easily removed with acetone and does not damage the nail. Generally lasting between 2-3 weeks ‘chip free’, solely gel polishes lasting 3 weeks and hybrid polishes generally lasting 2 weeks, when applied correctly. Due to the gel nature of the polish it has a high gloss lasting finish.

What does our training consist of?

  • Delivery of Health and safety and client care
  • Delivery of Anatomy and Physiology
  • Theory behind Gel Polish
  • Benefits of the treatment
  • Products needed
  • Tools and equipment needed
  • The need for base and top coats
  • Differences between UV and LED lamps
  • Contra indications and Contra actions
  • Application process
  • Practical demonstration and practical of Gel Polish

Half day course